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Of course, Wright was also on Guiding Light from 1997-2005.She played Cassie Winslow before she eventually headed over to General Hospital.Stories and narratives are one of the most powerful things in humanity.

In fact, the truth seems to be completely the opposite.Inevitably, it's been bombarded primarily with photos of trains and hotels thanks to , but there are some subtler spots, be it optometrists in India, a North Korean locker room, pristinely uniformed schoolboys pictured with penguins or the Icelandic minister of health.Iceland and North Korea are interestingly perhaps the most frequently posted about countries, while some submissions feel like they were actually acts of Intentional Wes Anderson, so popular and influential is the director and his oeuvre.The caption reads, “Hey Hey so this is @wes_ramsey #lifeisbeautiful #newbeginnnings #crazy #grateful #happy Me.” She certainly seems excited about her hunky beau.Wright’s real-life love interest might be familiar to some soap viewers.

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