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She knocked out her opponent 31 seconds into the first round.

"My kids are very picky, so lunch is always a headache," she says."People who don't know me would probably think I'm a stay-at-home mom because of the interactions I have with my family.I cook dinner every night, and when I'm out of town I cook and freeze dinners before I leave.Although this was Ali's first match, many journalists and fans attended, largely because she was Muhammad Ali's daughter.Attention to Ali's ring debut was further boosted because it occurred on the eve of what was supposed to be the first male-female professional bout ever to be sanctioned by a US state boxing commission ... As Women explains: "The near-alignment of the two events focused more attention on female professional boxing than there had been since Christy Martin's 1996 pay-per-view fight with Deirdre Gogarty." Ali knocked out April Fowler – described by Women as an "out-of-shape novice" – in the first round.

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