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Chaser The Governess, aka Anne Hegerty, explained exactly why the famous New York City monument is in fact a shade of green.'Well it’s copper, and when copper goes old, it gets green.'It was branded as one of the stupidest answers given on an episode of the quiz show.

Despite her huge error, Shauna made it to the final stage of the show.

And host Bradley Walsh looked just as stunned when she gave her answer, wincing on camera.

When it was revealed to be green, Shauna tried to explain herself by saying she had never seen the landmark up close - but admitted she had seen it in pictures.

An additional line of division is between minarchists and anarchists.

The men carried lit red lanterns when they left the train so in case of an emergency the crew caller would be able to find them.

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Libertarianism has frequently been used as a synonym for anarchism since this time.

seek complete elimination of the state in favor of privately funded security services, while minarchists defend "night-watchman states", which maintain only those functions of government necessary to maintain conditions of capitalism.

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