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BUT nothing beats the female caddies culture in Indonesia.

Female caddies in Jakarta golf clubs are hired based on looks, not knowledge of the game or athletism.

However, she dances in a sultry manner, using erotic movements which annoys the film's director, Abraham (Emraan Hashmi). The film fails at the box office, much to the dismay of the producer Selva Ganesh (Rajesh Sharma), who later recalls Reshma's performance and offers her a role in a song in his upcoming film.

Police in Indonesia have set up a task force to target the gay community amid a country-wide crackdown on homosexuality.

Coroner Terry Ryan is scheduled to hear evidence over three days from Monday, before delivering findings on when, where and how Ms Mayang died and what caused her death.

He is also tasked with determining Volke's cause of death, and whether the police officers who attempted to locate and detain him complied with Queensland Police policy and procedure.

It included rubber gloves, bleach, a 'squelching' carpet, a vomit-inducing smell, and a 'massive' cooking pot on the stove.

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A coronial inquest is investigating the gruesome death of an Indonesian transgender sex worker who was killed and dismembered.Asian countries like Singapore/ India also hire male caddies in their golf courses...with the exception of Thailand and Malaysia, which have started hiring female caddies in their course.Aceh province, which is ruled by sharia law, is the only place to officially ban homosexuality (pictured, a punk is arrested in Banda Aceh for dressing provocatively) Morality police are used to enforce strict sharia law in Aceh, though scenes like this could be about to spread around Indonesia after another police force announced a task force to target 'secret parties' held by homosexuals Aceh is the only province to officially outlaw homosexuality, though the country's parliament will soon vote on a nationwide law (pictured, a woman is arrested by morality officers for being outside after midnight)Gays across Indonesia are often targeted using loosely-worded pornography laws.Responding to the Jakarta raid, Charliyan said: 'I hope there are no followers in West Java, no gay or LGBT lifestyle or tradition.

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