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Adults and youth spend time together, learning new skills, developing hidden talents, making new friends and having fun. Do you like birdwatching, cooking, gardening, photography, or working with animals?There are many interesting projects and fun things to do as a part of 4-H.First, the basics: Snapchat Stories are collections of photos and short videos that your friends (and any brands you might connect with) publish to the app. Anything published to Stories is given a lifespan of 24 hours, and Snapchat is capable of stitching multiple pieces of content together into a single story.

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Sometimes cruel messages can even come from people you know.The goal of 4-H is to help young people develop as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens in their communities.Adult volunteers who spend time with 4-H members are key in this process.These are some simple safety rules you can follow while using the Internet.Online Behavior It is important to learn how to treat others when you are online. Be respectful of others when using online resources.

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