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Assistant Public Defender Rob Mason, one of two attorneys assigned to defend Fernandez, said: 'The whole system has failed him. We think he can be rehabilitated and, as his lawyers, we will fight for that.'Court records show that Susana later admitted to the Florida Department of Children and Families that she lied to investigators and that Fernandez broke his younger brother's leg while wrestling with the boy.

Being Prepared Sending the Right Signals Getting Your Kiss Community Q&A Obtaining a kiss may be one of the scariest situations you will face. Apply lip balm, brush your teeth, and freshen your breath.

Yes, we know that sounds a little hard to believe, but there's actually a very good reason for it.

Chatting to KISS FM yesterday (July 6), Tom opened up about his Tinder woes – we've all been there, mate – revealing that, once upon a time, no-one would swipe left for him.

Luckily there are ways to make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Both mother and child were put into the foster care system when Fernandez was two and she was 14 after authorities found the toddler walking around dirty and naked outside a South Florida motel while his grandmother, who would have been about 34 at the time, nursed a drug habit.its really none of your concern unless you are afraid he is in danger how in the heck can someone consider what you have explained as abuse let me guess..hare not a parent!Hi Hun, My 7 year-old son still sleeps with my husband and I, he does so because he is scared to sleep alone.My boyfriend's son is still sleeping in bed with his mom.His mom doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with it. I bet money if it was a little girl sleeping in bed with her dad someone would call someone!

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