Are ron and hermione dating in real life

Fanon, however, likes to think he'd go off the deep end and betray them.Sometimes this is just because he's in the way of a preferred ship; other times he's Flanderized into such a Butt-Monkey that the writer thinks he has no redeeming features.Wanting to know motivations, understand the man who sat there, desolate.Desperate to know why he'd done all the things he had done.' Battle of Hogwarts, 5th May 1998; DM/HG Draco/Hermione Dramione.The first two films, directed by Chris Columbus, place more emphasis on plot than characterization, with most scenes being identical to their counterparts in the books, and are generally regarded as solid but workmanlike.Columbus was succeeded by Alfonso Cuarn, who decided to reverse this and created what is likely the most controversial movie in the series.

The entire series (which has taken a higher aggregate box-office gross than any other series in the same medium) spans eight movies; the seventh book, , for example).

Pansy was persistent, and Pansy was his best friend, and honestly, Pansy knew some fucking terrifying curses and he did not want to get on the wrong side of her. Hermione will do anything to find him and bring him back to her, no matter what Lucius Malfoy is willing to do to prevent her from marrying his son.

Voldemort free AU Draco is gone and a stranger has taken his place, speaking with his voice and pretending nothing has changed.

"Besides I never liked him that much anyway." gives us the Trope Namer, Ron Weasley.

not after how much he misbehaved in school especially with YOU Enoby." he said while he frowned looking at me.

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