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Given that megastar internet search engine Google became its own verb a few years ago, we've all come to acknowledge that the wide and ever-expanding engine is becoming more powerful than ever before.

You can take a look at your own house from outer space via Google Earth, you can look at famous paintings - down to the very last grizzly brushstroke - via Google Art Project, and you can look at what's hot and what's not in Spain - or anywhere in the world - with Google Trends.

We've also been known to webcast an impromptu rehearsal or class here, so check back often!

For the best viewing experience on a computer, we recommend Google Chrome and a high speed connection.

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The dangerous reptiles don't do much, but I can't help myself continuing to watch on the off-chance an unlucky handler might succumb to a trip. Tattoo cam: Because not everyone is getting their skin inked every second of the day, I had to wait for an email to say when the webcam is switched on. It's not even that landscaped, and because of the time difference you hardly see it in the light here in the UK. Well..the press at the button I could trigger a stream of bubbles from a bubble machine. Perhaps the irony is lost while I'm actually doing something vaguely interesting.WARNING: Some viewers may be disturbed by this content.A live web cam in a bald eagle’s nest in Hays, Pennsylvania, captured the reality of the natural world for all to see on Tuesday afternoon.An adult eagle was left in the nest caring for two young eaglets, when a second adult flew in, dropping off dinner: a cat.The cat doesn’t appear to be alive and it’s unknown whether or not the eagle killed it or if it was already dead.

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