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Craig Eric Sheffer (born April 23, 1960) is an American film and television actor.He is known for his leading roles as Norman Maclean in the film A River Runs Through It, Aaron Boone in the film Nightbreed, and Keith Scott on the television series One Tree Hill. His mother, Anna, worked in a nursing home, and his father, Rock, worked as a prison guard and screenwriter.And, to top things off, Zane's accountant tells him that the IRS is planning to do an audit of his investments.However, while all of these disasters are happening, he does meet a nice actress, Penelope (Chelsea Noble).Although a successful young man, he is lonely and having a particularly bad week.First, he has a confrontation with the show's temperamental star, Reno (David Cassidy), on the set of the show.

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It was by chance that he landed the role that would catapult him to worldwide fame.Zane (Craig Sheffer) is writer-producer of the TV show "Rock & Roll P.I." (the clips of the fictitious program are a delightful parody of cop shows).The love story between Lisa( Virgina Madsen) a catholic school girl and Joe (Craig Sheffer) an honor camp prisoner was beautifully created and even dance scene had some funny parts to it. The soundtrack to the film was also good except one was never officially made.A definite must see for anyone who loves a good romance.

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