Yahoo widgets not updating armenia dating site

-Twice daily notifications help you be prepared, whatever the weather.

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Since the company's inception in 2002, Vizio has grown from an organization with three employees to one that ships millions of HDTVs each year, according to Vizio statistics.

This is making me think that perhaps Yahoo changed something with their coding. Please update your API calls with OAuth 1 enabled (via the OAuth /v1/yql end point if using YQL) using your Yahoo App key and secret.

Well, it's not to say they are not in the process of killing the easy / open feed and insisting on an API key and OAuth. But I think the change is only for those using their query language, which isn't really needed for a weather skin. Well hopefully there will be a tutorial or something along those lines to fix up any weather skins that are down because of this whole fiasco.

The biggest problem is the font and color of the city bames.

I just upgraded to v.3.3.1 yesterday, and everything was fine.

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